About Jules Mountain

In 2007, entrepreneur and businessman Jules Mountain was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that would kill him without immediate treatment.

Many years earlier, Jules had set up and built his own business that he successfully sold.

He was in the process of selling his second business when he was diagnosed with life threatening cancer. Jules endured a 7 hour operation and 4 months of gruelling chemotherapy.

During this period he managed to successfully sell his second business.

Jules survived the cancer and set about proving to himself that he was still as physically capable after the operation and chemotherapy.

Jules is no stranger to injury and illness. He damaged his spine playing rugby and had major spinal surgery.

He had two bad motorcycle crashes, broke 7 bones and had liver failure.

On 25 April 2015 Jules Mountain was at Everest base camp when the worst earthquake to hit Nepal in living memory struck.

His book Aftershock tells of his ordeal during the most deadly Everest disaster in history. Watch Jules talk about his experience:


Jules returned to Everest in 2016 to make a successful summit.